Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe Machine


  • Produces relatively less noise than conventional lathe equipments and produces less vibration.
  • Speedy and accurate performance with fewer requirements for maintenance.
  • Safe to work with and creates smooth working atmosphere and meager noise pollution.
  • Stays a suitable workshop tool for variety of industries.
  • Remains efficient for consistent application.
  • Available with wide range of standard and optional accessories.


We have provided all geared heavy duty lathe machine with excellent specifications in view of supporting industrial requirements. We have made use of special kind of head stock gear made from alloy case hardening steel.

It is a perfect choice of machining device to apply over heavy duty work materials. It has been equipped with excellent infrastructure that stays a notable point in performing varieties of tooling applications on different products. Manwani presents All geared heavy duty lathe machine that is known for supreme quality and versatile construction and of course noiseless operation aspects. Our equipment is suitable for plethora of industries which work on metal and wood products. Apart from the performance and structural features, we provide this apparatus in various models pertaining to the industrial application and production need.


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