• Ideal for transforming rough work piece to smoother one.
  • Supports to obtain homogeneity of surface.
  • Arts and crafts can be made from wood piece with planers.
  • Savings on material and suitable for long term application.
  • Suits best for wood work lovers and crafting professionals.
  • Comparatively noiseless and creates less vibration.
  • Exclusive machinery option for heavy duty wood materials for making furniture, wooden balusters, etc.


We present extra heavy duty lathe-planer in two models CW61100M and CM61125M which can be applied to shape work piece starting from 1500mm to 8000mm. Our instruments are designed to meet faster surfacing requirements on heavy duty work materials and stay perfect machining option to handle more heavy duty works. The machine weight matches the stability of machining thereby supports for smooth machining with less vibration.

Planer is a little modified form of lathe equipment that transforms tough woodwork to easier one. It is a unique device applied to make many items. Preferably in shaping wood work pieces which are thin, it helps in resurfacing, customizing the wood thickness and for level of surface. It compensate for multiplicity of machining requirements which are not always possible in other types of tool. For example, we provide Extra heavy duty equipment which is designed to manage large or heavy duty lumber work material. However, the consumer needs to select the size depending on the maximum swing over bed to match the length and width of work piece. Our focus stays on the production requirement expected in different industries and our workshop equipment designs are remain to match the varying demands of industries when it comes to designing devices. We have developed a strong tool to carry on heavy duty surfacing operation with less or meagre disturbance in machining operation and therefore it is recommended for heavy duty wood work applications.

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