Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine – DMTG Imported Lathe


  • 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
  • Manual Tail Stock
  • Live Center,Dead Center
  • Oil Gun
  • 6 Station Turret
  • Spanner & Allenkey Set
  • Foundation Bolts, Spanner nut(6 Pcs.)


We have been providing with extensive range of workshop tools. Our workshop components are designed by experienced engineers as per the required norms of different engineering and mechanical industries. Lathe Machine is a prominent preference among the available workshop equipment’s. It remains a suitable option to complete specific set of machining activities. For better performance and more productivity Flat Bed CNC lathe machine stay a foremost choice. We provide three different models of DMTG flat bed CNC lathe in imported CK E series which vary in specifications and performance. Our tools are made of tested higher grade materials thus industries can rely on them for long term application.


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