Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine


  • We have provided one of the advanced numerical control systems to bring in the best power solution and convenience in operational mode.
  • The operator will be able to set the desired program as per the productivity requirement.
  • The digital display completely avoids the need for manual set up of machining operations.
  • Above all, CNC system and machining through subsequent programming also reduces the risk of material wastage and time consumption to a great extent.


We are a popular machine supplier in India and we supply the most important and highly required machining devices. We are specialized in designing variety of slant bed CNC lathe machines.

This tool is an ideal machining device for improved turning works. The CNC feature is an added advantage that provides excellent hastening ratio. It is suitable to work with medium to large size work material. The whole structure of this device is made from cast iron that keeps up the equipment stay undisturbed even for more productivity applications. The coolant system is an excellent feature that protects the machine from getting over heat during times of continuous machining operations. The linear guideway is carefully chosen to counterpart with the machining action. Each installation point is cautiously done with highly tested nuts and bolts which ensure long life performance.

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