V Belt Driven Medium Duty Lathe Machine


  • It is made of strong construction that allows the user to experience precise machining and fast performance.
  • The V-belt feature allows for fast performance ratio and consistent production on long run.
  • Precision is guaranteed.
  • Maintenance aspects are easy and convenient.
  • Produces comparatively lesser noise during machining.
  • This equipment can be installed easily and stays perfect for moderately spaced workshops.
  • Equipped with excellent working platform to handle work materials conveniently.
  • Stays efficient for shaping requisites in wide range of industries.


Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. offers various types of medium duty lathe machine. It is a tool that rotates the work piece on its axis to perform a variety of operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling etc. These top quality instruments are sturdy and easy to use. Our instrument assure optimum return on investment. We supply zero defect instruments.

They are highly versatile and durable. Our medium duty instruments are built using modern technology to assure enhanced functioning. These instruments are useful for precisely machining relatively hard objects. Our medium duty instruments include MAX Series and RA Series models. Industries such as ship building, mining, textile, oil etc.; and power plants, repairing shops, steel rolling mills, workshops, paper mills, tool rooms etc. V-Belt Drive Medium Duty Lathe Tools work in multiple ways. The V-belt drive makes the difference in performance than other types of instruments.


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