Heavy Duty Lathe Machine


  • Our V-belt drive Heavy duty lathe machine is the perfect machining equipment for handling hard materials and it is a space saving workshop equipment.
  • We have created this equipment considering the smart aspects in technology to offer consumers with the best machining experience.
  • It also stays precise, fast, reliable and consistent.
  • The V-belt provision allows for accuracy in shaping metals and other types of work materials.
  • It keeps the work material from slipping off from the machining platform.
  • It offers comparatively speedy performance apart from precise mechanism.
  • Machining aspects are excellent as it is vibration free and requires lesser time and man power for operating and maintenance.


Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. offers various types of lathe including heavy duty lathe machine. They are designed to create objects that have symmetry about an axis of rotation. These lathes are used for accurately machining comparatively hard materials.

The devices incorporate the latest technology to ensure improved performance. We offer flawlessly designed tools with tight tolerances. Our lathes are compact and offer better value for money. These multipurpose instruments feature simplicity, robustness and longer working life. We supply different models in various technical specifications. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. They are used in power plants, steel rolling mills, tool rooms, ship building, repairing shops, paper mills, workshops, textile, oil, mining industries etc

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