Steel Body Fly Press


  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Sound construction
  • Accurate & Precise mechanism
  • Reliable performance & Price


A special heavy duty fly press will be fabricated as per the customer’s requirement of peculiar press work. Availability of higher center distance for the operation Assurance of high working efficiency and accuracy over longer period of service

Steel body fly press is made of sturdy construction and suits best for metal industry. It is applied for cutting metal work pieces and it stays a best alternative for bending machines that works with die. The whole equipment is designed as per industrial standard and specifications remain suitable for applying this device for multiple industrial applications. The huge fly wheel and screw with ball weighted handle provide the required inertia to drive the screw down. This in turn, forces the tool holder to perform machining operation. Fly press made of steel body is applicable for creating bends, punching, forging, etc.

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