Light Duty Imported Lathe Machine – DMTG All Geared Lathe


  • Long-lasting for continuous production needs.
  • Applied mainly for shaping lighter work materials.
  • Suitable for turning metal sheets.
  • Convenient to install.
  • Consumes less power and capable for high speed performance.
  • Less maintenance requirement.
  • Stays an ideal machining tool for shaping different types of metal sheets.


We stay a superior destination where extensive range of industry friendly workshop equipment’s is available. We provide lathe machines with light, medium, high and extra heavy duty to handle respective range of work materials for turning, shaping, surfacing and similar types of operations. We supply DMTG light duty imported lathe machine with excellent specifications to match continuous production requirement in industries.

This tool is meant for turning simple work materials which are comparatively smaller and lighter in weight. It suits best for shaping small work pieces and stays efficient machining choice for continuous operation at high speed. It is versatile workshop friendly equipment applicable for wide range of machining operations like turning wood work materials, spinning metal sheets, shaping metals as well as wood, etc. The work material which has to be shaped or turned can be rotated for machining at the spindle speed capacity which will be provided differently for different models of DMTG lathes.

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