MIG/MAG/ CO2 Welding Machine


  • Constant Potential Power Source.
  • Wire Feeder.
  • Pressure Regulator with Flow Meter and Guage.
  • Perfect workshop tool for engineering industry.
  • Gas Cooled Torch.
  • Gas Preheater.
  • Gas Hose with Connectors.
  • Welding Cable.
  • Contol Plug.


Having Latest Technology Circuit Modular Compact, suitable for Critical Welding Applications, Sturdy Construction for any type of Job using Copper coated wire for smooth and Spatter Free Welding Continuously/intermittently.

It is universally known as Metal Inner Gas (MIG) / Metal Active Gas (MAG), Welding Process using Argon Gas or Co2 Gas for shielding the weld pool to avoid oxide formation during welding. In this Wires of 0. 8, 1.2 or 1.6 mm is continuously/ intermittently fed through wire feeder Mechanism Torch to weld different types of jobs with the help of D. C. Power source. It is a sort of Semi-Automatic Welding Process.

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