Hand Operated Trunk Folding Machine


Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. provides high quality hand operated trunk folding machines, hand operated plate bending machine, which have been continuously updated to meet today’s requirement. This tool is especially suitable to form heavy and large right angle and curved folds on the sides of the trunks. This instrument has cast iron body, complete with handle, bending bar and bending blade. The stable robust, all welded steel frame of this trunk folding machine is of top quality. Its hydraulic & electrical system having international quality components ensure reliability and provide excellent base for further automation.

It is a heavy duty folding instrument and stays perfect for folding sides of metal trays and similar types of components. This instrument is featured with bending bar and bending blade and a handle to manually operate as well as adjust the bending operations in a much easier and precise way. Apart from flexible mechanism, this device is also easy to maintain. The materials chosen for constructing this equipment such as high quality cast iron makes it easier for performing continuous bending applications without additional time requirement for maintenance. This equipment is suitable for moderate level workshops as it does not occupy much space.

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