Foot Operated Shearing / Treadle Shearing Machine


Foot operated shearing / Treadle shearing machine is designed and developed for accurate BURR-FREE cutting of thin or thick sheet in minimum strength, it helps to get more production in minimum time, two best quality of spring provided for quick return of ram (Upper Beam), fitted with side, back, front gauges and table extension. ( Hold down can be provided at an extra cost) This machine is suitable to cut M.S., S.S., Copper, Brass, Aluminium, P.V.C., P.C.B., CRC.CRGO, CRNGO, B.P. Sheets and etc. Also applicable to M.S., S.S cutting, Block maker, Furniture, Fabricaters, Tube light patty, Calender rim, Electrical fitting, Electronics, Tin container, P.P Caps, Electrical and transformers stamping industries.

Standard Accessories :- Set of 4 edge blade of OHNS/HCHCR, Side, Back, Front gauges and table extention.

Extra Accessories:- Treadle return spring, Hold down spring, set of 4 edge blade OHNS / HCHCR, “U” treadle in place of std. Long table extention, Hold down

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