Drilling and Milling Machine(Fine Feed)


  • Worktable auto – feeding X ,Y.
  • Spindle speed – change cyclically and spindle auto – feeding and cyclic change of feeding speed.
  • Milling, drilling, tapping, boring and roaming.
  • Headstock swivels ± 360° vertically.
  • Micro feed precision.
  • 12 steps speed.
  • Adjustable gibs on table precision.
  • Posive spindle lock.
  • Strong rigidity power cutting and precise positioning.


Milling, drilling, tapping, boring and roaming.
Head swivels ± 360° Horizontally
Headstock and worktable up & down perpendicularly
Super high column
Precision micro feed
Positive spindle lock
Distinct auto device for releasing tools, operate very easily
Gear driven, lower noise

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