Heavy Duty Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine – DMTG Imported Lathe


  • All the models of DMTG Flat Bed CNC Lathes are designed matching the International standards and expectations. Each machine component is chosen based on its quality, durability and performance. Our tools offer excellent turning capacity and precise finishing.


We present variety of Flat bed CNC lathes. It is a versatile machining components useful to carryout multiple tool room applications. We have different types of DMTG imported lathes with flat bed, which are differentiated in design, machining capacity and size.

This tool with numerical control is exclusively destined for heavy duty turning requirements therefore consumers can certainly depend on for dynamic and incessant production. The structure of the equipment is made by applying superior grade cast iron that provides the machine with excellent strength, rigid design, flawless machining and non-stop long term production. Our design engineers have chosen the best motor model for good power supply

We have designed out Flat bed with numerical control application which bears advanced programming capacities. It is simple to operate, easy to set a program, does not require experienced operator to work with this equipment. Even a beginner will be able to easily grasp the programming options and start machining operations with this device.

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