Spring Controlled Arbour Press


  • We have designed with fully adjustable features which allow the user to get strong pressing operations and easy up and down movement.
  • Good clearance has been given between the rod and the base.
  • Easy to use as featured with adjustable strokes.
  • Comparatively moderate in cost.
  • Suits best for heavy duty press requirements.
  • Guaranteed payback for investment.
  • More safety features have been added to enhance smooth and convenient working.
  • We provide 4 models of Spring Controlled Arbour Press with different pressure capacities in view of supporting variable industrial requirements.
  • The automatic spring return of spindle makes it an efficient machine choice for several industries.


Heavy duty hand operated round rack spring controlled arbour press ideally suitable for pressing solid, hollow and eyelet riveting, staking, flaring, numbering, marking, assembling etc., hence it is extremely useful in all light engineering industries. The press is provided with adjustable stroke automatic spring return of spindle, adjustable spring tension device and T slotted base surface

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