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Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. offers an extensive range of SPM and heavy tools including planing machine. SPM is a special purpose tool, build for a particular function. They are available in diverse models and used in various industries. Our well-built planing instruments are useful for producing accurate flat surfaces.We supply instruments that ensure continuous operations and longer life.

Our best quality devices are manufactured for maximum production. We offer vibration free and smooth devices.Our heavy duty and reasonably priced equipment’s are used for mass output. We provide low noise and safe equipment’s. Our machines are available in standard and custom specifications.

Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. presents planning machines which are used for carrying out machining operations on flat and heavy weight work materials. The tooling bed is featured with heavy and rigid type of construction and the bed ways is provisioned with enough bearing surface to make it compatible for handling heavy materials. This apparatus is also featured with automatic lifting aspect for easily loading and unloading work materials. It takes relatively lesser time for tooling operations and provides precise application at reduced vibration. We provide this equipment at the most competitive price available in market. Our planning apparatus stays a good supportive tool in several industries.
Planner Machines due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassed performance. The materials used in the manufacturing of the Heavy Duty Planner Machines ensure high durability, tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions. Moreover, easy operation, less input requirements, high output and low maintenance cost are some of the factors that distinguish our Planner Machines from others available in the market. Salient Features:
The Bed: The bed of planner machine is of deep box section type and is tied together at frequent intervals by double walled bridge pieces extending to the bottom of the bed.
The Table: It is of box section type and is streamlined with hand scraped V way to bear heavy load. It is heavily ribbed and the Rack provided in it is accurately machines and milling cut.
The Bearings: The main bearings for the Gearings are cast solid with the Bed. The Gears Teeth are hobbing machine cut except too gears are helical. Gun metal bearings have been provided for all the shaft and loose pulleys. Taper roller bearings can also be provided instead of Gun metal bushes.
The Cross Rail: This is of Box section type with large surface. It is suitable for both hand and mechanical drive.
Tool Posts : These are manufactured out of close grain alloy castings and steel to stand heavy cut. These can be driven both manually and mechanically.
The Uprights: The uprights of planner machine are of rigid box section type. Keyed firmly, bolted on to bed and are capable of absorbing the heaviest shocks without vibration. Extra pins are provided to re-fit the machine accurately after once it is dismantled.
The Drive: The planner machine is arranged for direct individual as well as two belt drive. Accessories: Automatic lifting arrangements of cross rail.

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