Jenny or Burrying Machine


  • It is special equipment that makes its presence versatile for carrying out machining on complicated shaped like cylinder.
  • It can be used to obtain curling and wiring from cylindrical materials, metal sheets, etc.
  • It is a perfect companion for proceeding with plumbing work.
  • Helps to perform exclusive types of works like flanging, edging, burying on the edges of thin and light weight metal sheets or plates.
  • It is also supportive in bringing out different angles from thin metal sheets or plates.
  • It is featured with adjustable gauge to experience smooth performance.
  • We provide 8 models of Jenny or Burying Machine with different working centre of roll.


Motorized and hand operated jenny or hurrying machine designed for edging, flagging or hurrying the edges of all classes of tin plate work of any shapes, generally used for edging and flagging bottom and bodies to various angle previous to panning or setting down, double seaming etc. provided with an adjustable depth gauge, one pair jenny roll and handle for hand and motor mount, motor pulley and pulley cover for motorized model.

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