Grinding Machine – Tool & Cutter Grinder


  • The provision of tilling head simplifies the cutting face angle quickly and accurately
  • Work head holding fixture is fully adjustable with swivel base.
  • An adjustable stopper limits the longitudinal table reciprocation movement.
  • The tool runs at mono speed of 3600 RPM and the drive form the motor to spindle is by means of v-belt.
  • Almost all cylindrical side & face, involute gear, Concave as well as convex cutters,
  • Bevel lead angle reamers & Cutting face of tap flute can be resharpened with standard accessories.
  • Drill pints, tap lead & Radius grinding jobs can also be done without problem with extra accessories.


Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. provides a vast array of SPM and heavy machines including tool & cutter grinding machine. SPM tool & cutter grinder is a special purpose machine that is build for a specific function; they are available in various models and used in many industries. Our robust and efficient tool can grind and sharpen a variety of tools and cutters. We supply versatile and durable tool to perform hassle-free operations.

Our high quality equipment’s are particularly designed for rapid output. We offer stable and vibration free tool. Our sturdy and economical devices are used for mass production. We provide simple and compact machines. Our smoothly operating tool & cutter grinding machine is used for continuous operations. We supply heavy duty machines exactly as per client requirements.

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