Foot Press (Pendulam Press)


  • It is designed to produce combined effect of punch press and power press.
  • It can be operated vice versa i.e. into a foot or power.
  • The actuating mechanism featured in the pendulum allows the bolt to switch over to stay compatible with foot level.
  • The punch works with the help of the swinging treadle that has to be operated by foot.
  • Suitable for managing different kinds of light weight operations like cutting, punching, etc.
  • Ideal for working with materials like cards made of paper, plastic sheets, mica, etc
  • Available in 3 models with different working capacities.
  • These are compact cutting machines exclusively meant for light weight operations.


Heavy duty foot operated pendulam press designed for light production work suitable for punching, embossing cutting etc., most suitable for embossing greeting cards or wedding cards cutting, mica board.plastic etc., mounted on rigid cast iron leg stand.

The structure of this machine has been brought out to provide lenience in stock positioning. It provides easy control while performing the punching operation. It is operated by foot and can be applied to obtain up to 76mm 3 inch punch diameter. The pendulum allows the user to feel flexible with the foot level during machining operations. Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. provides three models of pendulum type foot operated press which can work both for thumping and also produces the effect of power device. The user has to select the model based on accommodating the type and thickness of metal and the depth of punching. This equipment is made of higher grade material hence; it works out for long production requisites.

It is also known as punch press that needs to be operated manually. It has been provisioned with actuating mechanism of pendulum which works in terms of the operation provided by foot press. A bolt is fixed to connect the swinging foot lever. Once the bolt position is changed, the pendulum that is connected with the belt-driven flywheel starts to work over the desired mechanism. It is also provided with adjustable ram. This device offers excellent advantage of working with foot yet remains one of the best equipment’s that require comparatively less effort for mechanism. Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. provides three different models of this apparatus. For more details visit our website.

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