50mm All Geared Radial Drill Machines


  • Suitable for boring variety of materials.
  • Efficient instrument choice for heavy metal shaping.
  • Featured with excellent choice of tools to carry out multiple aspects in machining.
  • Compatible with different kinds of metals.
  • Positioning the geared radial arm matching the work piece position is much easier than those of other traditional making hole devices.
  • Suitable for working over wood work piece also.
  • Featured with robust instrument design in view to support metal industries for long term production requirement.
  • Designed with suitable drilling head that supports for multiple machining applications.


All geared radial drill machine with 50mm drilling capacity is known for its rigid structure and boring heavy metals in a convenient way. Manwani machines Pvt Ltd. is an excellent place where industries can find highly reliable and durable equipment. We are one of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of machining tools and consumers can find extensive range of models suitable for specific metal work and wood work purposes. We design instruments which are applicable in metal industries including mechanical, components, automobiles, air craft, wood work, etc.

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