38mm Pillar Drilling Machine


  • Used for boring to create holes in different work materials.
  • Provides consistent boring.
  • Durable and reliable tool.
  • Economic in pricing when compared to other boring instruments.
  • Accuracy in making hole.
  • No compromise made in quality of machine components.
  • Requires less or low maintenance but provides excellent machining performance.
  • Can drill maximum of 38mm.
  • Creates less noise and less vibration.


We present wide range of drill equipment’s made according to industrial requirements. Pillar drills remain one of the most preferred boring equipment’s presented by us for several reasons. We have high precision pillar drills designed to serve precise boring operation for various industries and we provide high precision boring instrument with different boring capacities which can be selected matching the hole making requirement in different industries.

Our hole making tool is an exclusive device designed to serve deeper bore operation up to 38mm. We have designed by considered the latest technology which can produce better results in machining with greater focus on hole accuracy. Our boring instruments are convenient for operating and adaptable in nature for applying in variety of materials.

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