38-40mm Pillar Drill Machine


  • All the tool components including arm, work head and gears are made of closed grain cast iron column.
  • The spindle and pinion are made of exclusive EN forged steel which is a very special material that can accompany for prolonged production and long term application.
  • The spindle ram is made of alloy.
  • All the tool components are made with imported grinding machines and thus they are perfectly fabricated for flawless application.
  • Apart from that all the parts are assembled after checking accuracy in balancing therefore consumers can stay guaranteed when it comes to tool components and their assembly. Gear and pulley are checked for precision before they are assembled and after assembly all the device components are checked for accuracy of assembly and finally overall machining is tested before delivering to the consumers.


We provide a wide range of 38-40mm pillar drill machines. It is used for drilling operations. They are designed to make holes in different materials. Our tools are robust, consistent, cost-effective and long lasting. They are manufactured using top quality material to ensure simple operation, low maintenance and high performance.

We offer tools that feature lower noise and reduced vibrations. Our devices are built using modern technology for better efficiency and higher precision. They are made according to the industry standards and client specifications. Many models are available that provide convenience and versatility. Various industries use these instruments..

Drilling tools are designed with different specifications to suit variety of requisites in metal industries. Our designed instruments with excellent specifications that fetches easy operation, less maintenance and higher performance.

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