3 Roll Plate Bending Hydro-Mechanical Double Pre-Pinch


  • 3 roll PYRAMID Type design with double pre-pinching arrangement
  • Top roll is fixed and bottom rolls moves up & down.
  • Bottom rolls up-down through hydraulic cylinders.
  • Two bottom rolls are power driven by planetary gear box with electric or hydraulic motor.
  • Bending rolls are made of alloy steel.
  • Dropper end protection by hydraulic cylinders.
  • Overload protection.
  • Low role, smooth operation and less power consumption due to hydraulic system operates at lower pressure in smaller thickness.
  • Built -in cone bending attachment.
  • International quality Hydraulic & Electrical.


The PBM DP series 3 ROLL PYRAMID TYPE HYDRO-MECHANICAL PLATE BENDING are designed with double side pre-pinching arrangement. The unique design permits the pre-pinching of job by both bottom rolls; hence the job is completed in single operation. This feature makes the machine more productive and suitable for handling heavy jobs. The top roller is fixed and pre-pinching by both bottom rolls are thru hydraulic cylinders.
The job is fed from one end to carry out pre-pinching & entire shell is rolled to desired bend radius. Other end pre-pinching is carried out by second bottom roll to complete the shell. The complete shell is prepared in single operation

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